I’m an investment banker, private pilot and avid fan of American history. I also enjoy Thai food, camping, gardening, Robert Ludlum novels and almost anything made with chocolate.

About 3 decades ago I left Texas to attend Brown University. Four years later I left Rhode Island with a Chemical Engineering degree and a recognition that snow is seriously overrated.

The first of my family to arrive in the “New World” left Wales in 1623 on the Bona Nova and docked at Jamestown, near where I currently live – and not far from the homes of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Tyler, Taylor, Wilson and William Henry Harrison.

About a decade ago I started collecting the best presidential biographies I could find. In late 2012 I began a quest to read them all – starting with George Washington. This site was created to log my journey and, quite possibly, embarrass my kids.

With your suggestions and a steady flow of new releases, my list of “must read” presidential biographies grew to 240 titles (plus a large follow-up list). I finished my first pass through the presidents (Washington through Obama) on Presidents’ Day 2019 – after six fascinating years.

Now I’m reading presidential biographies from my follow-up list as well as great biographies by non-presidents (that journey is being documented as http://www.thebestbiographies.com).

Stephen Floyd
January 2020P1020865

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  1. Hi Steve,

    I’m curious, have you ever thought about doing a companion series going through the First Ladies? That might be interesting to read about the women who helped shape each president.

    • I have thought of doing that as a corollary to the presidents but just haven’t “gone deep” trying to find great biographies of each of the First Ladies. I am, however, planning to read a 3-volume series on Eleanor Roosevelt toward the end of the year and will be reading Jon Meacham’s forthcoming bio of Dolley and James Madison as soon as it is published.

      For what it’s worth, the other similar question I’m often asked is whether I would consider doing the same thing for UK Prime Ministers. I think that, too, would be fascinating but haven’t done the work to ferret out great bios of the non-Churchill PMs.

      • Your path on Reading the Best Biographies of All Time is excellent. Instead of only focusing on political leaders, you are broadening your scope. We all focus on the political leaders (I am exhibit A), but finance, industry, et al. have a profound impact on society. William Jennings Bryan, Eugene Debs, Frederick Douglass, WEB DuBois, et al. led movements which contributed to radical changes.

      • Yes the 3 volume series on Eleanor Roosevelt I’ve heard is great. Jon Meacham, Dolly and James Madison? I’m in. I bet it will be a great book. On the subject of Churchill, I believe I saw Martin Gilbert’s 8 book series on your list? Look forward to your review on that, whenever that might be.

  2. Gary Allison said:

    Hi Steve

    I’m in the beginning stages of research for a 4 vol. series entitled Presidential Outliers. I would like to send you an outline in order to get your impression of whether this series would be of interest to Presidential history junkies like you and me. I don’t see that there is away to attach anything to this message, so if you are interested please email so I can reply with the outline attached.


    Gary Allison
    Professor Emeritus
    The University of Tulsa College of Law

  3. Hi Steve –

    I thought I would drop you a note to thank you for your site. I am finishing up Harding and now on to Coolidge. I started my journey around 2010 with a beach read of John Adams. Next up for me was Truman since at the time I was fond of David McCullough as an author. I enjoyed both Adams and Truman biographies so much that I decided to try Chernow’s Washington and the rest is history as they say.


  4. Sarah Jones said:

    Hi Steve,
    I just found your site. I’m reading biographies in chronological order – a single biography for each. I’ve learned a lot! I just finished Millard Fillmore so have a ways to go.
    Your site is extremely valuable in helping me find the best resources.
    Thank you!

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