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Many others have already taken on the task of compiling their own lists of the best presidential biographies, and a few have undertaken – at least partially – the journey to read at least one biography on each of our Presidents.

I’ve used many of their articles, blogs, reviews, polls and notes along the way in assembling my own list and collection of presidential biographies.  You may find some of these links interesting or helpful:

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One Devoted History Buff’s Own “Presidential Biography Project”

One Amazon user’s list of 14 Best Presidential Biographies

A list of 96 Best Presidential Biographies

A Yahoo contributor’s list of Top 5 Presidential Biographies of All Time

A Huffington Post contributor’s thoughts on Must-Read Presidential Biographies

Guess what?  Half Price Books has a Best Bios blog!

Hey, This is worth checking out!

Another person’s partial journey through the list

“Matt’s” partial effort before work/family apparently interfered

A short but interesting list (maybe for a good cause?)