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P1020945As far as I can tell, no one living in New York City has ever actually visited the Statue of Liberty. If you live in Boston, it’s probably considered gauche to visit the USS Constitution, and I don’t think Parisians linger on the observation desk of the Eiffel Tower. Who wants to look like a tourist?

Similarly, why would someone living an hour or so from Fredericksburg, VA visit Washington’s childhood home, Ferry Farm, and walk the same grounds where he played as a child?  Or drive by the house Washington bought his mother in downtown Fredericksburg in 1772, where she lived the last 17 years of her life?  Or visit Mary Washington’s gravesite, which George left unmarked after she was buried (quite a mother/son relationship, no)?

I don’t know either, but I finally decided to break with tradition and go exploring.  After all, it’s a snow day – what else am I supposed to be doing? Oh yes, about that “Washington: A Life” review.  It’s coming – very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy these sights of Fredericksburg, VA much as George Washington and his mother may have seen them on a blustery, cold day in January some two-and-a-half centuries ago.  Sans the paved streets and historical markers, of course.  And the university pictured above wasn’t actually there at the time, but let’s not get picky…



Ferry Farm (Washington’s childhood home in Fredericksburg, VA)


Mary Washington’s home (Fredericksburg, VA)


Mary Washington’s gravesite (Fredericksburg, VA)