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In case you’re not getting enough of the presidency (or presidential politics), The Washington Post might have the perfect solution for you: a weekly podcast covering each of the 44 US presidencies!

Between January 10th and November 8th (Election Day), Lillian Cunningham is hosting a weekly podcast covering each of the presidents in chronological order.  Cunningham is editor of the “On Leadership” section of the Post.

The first podcast (“George Washington: The man, the myth, the legend“) appeared January 10th and features 48 minutes of insight by Cunningham, Bob Woodward and Library of Congress historian Julie Miller.

The second podcast (appearing later today) covers John Adams. I will not be surprised if it is filled with the wisdom of David McCullough.

You can find a repository of each of the presidential podcasts HERE and you can set up an iTunes podcast subscription if you desire. (Just how much of the presidency can you handle?)

In the meantime…I’m almost finished with my first biography of Herbert Hoover; review coming soon!

Presidential Seal courtesy of the U.S. Government via Wikimedia Commons.