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1,779 days ago I took the first step on this great adventure:  I launched this website and opened Volume 1 of James Flexner’s series on George Washington.

Since then I’ve read 195 biographies of the first 36 presidents – nearly 100,000 pages – and have survived ten wars, countless recessions, several duels…and the demise of the Whigs. I’ve watched the political pendulum swing from one extreme to the other and encountered numerous people I would love to meet.

But when I began this journey I never imagined so many of you would be along for the ride, offering insight and assistance. You’ve recommended books, provided the “scoop” on an author or a particular series, alerted me to upcoming releases and created a strong sense of community.

From what I can tell you are a fascinating group: history professors, authors, Sunday morning talk show hosts, diplomats, journalists, grad students, corporate executives, politicians…and passionate fans of great presidential biographies.

And with your help we just passed 1,000,000 views!

So, thanks for your support and stay tuned for the next 45 biographies and 8 presidents — it promises to be a fascinating finish!