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About 3,300 days ago – with much-needed assistance from an internet search engine – I figured out how to launch a website. Then I opened Volume 1 of James Flexner’s series on George Washington.

Since then I’ve read 300 biographies, including 260 of presidents Washington through Obama. And during those 160,000+ pages I’ve observed countless wars, recessions, depressions, elections, revolutions and shifts in America’s political mood.

But I never anticipated having so many people join me along the way – an estimated 250,000 unique visitors, several thousand regular “subscribers” and now…3,000,000 views!

The first 240 biographies I read were dedicated to the presidents – a seven-year tour-de-force completed in 2019.  Since then I’ve been reading a combination of follow-up presidential biographies and books on other fascinating folks like Eleanor Roosevelt, Leonardo da Vinci, John D. Rockefeller and Mark Twain.

But, as I’ve noted before, the most unexpectedly rewarding aspect of this journey has been the feedback I’ve gotten from many of you – pointing out which biographies not to miss and which to avoid, providing interesting observations on a particular author or book, and giving us all a heads-up on an upcoming release I might have missed.

It’s been a phenomenal journey so far, and I’m counting on much more to come. And for the third time since I started this audacious adventure, thanks a million!

—> For those of you looking for trivia about this site’s most popular posts, the most beloved presidential biographies and other morsels of mindless minutiae…stay tuned.  Presidents Day (and the requisite fact-filled post) is just around the corner!