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Reading a Biography of Each President: Who am I missing? Let me know!

Mike Beaumont’s “American History Project Began 2017; reading a bio of every POTUS & related American history
Michael Shaw’s “The Executive Power Began site in 2017; has read something on every president
Matt Grant Began 2017
Matt Holmes‘s “Reading the Presidents Began 2017
Marcus Gillmer (via Mashable) Began 2015
CrzyDJM Beginning 2017
The Presidents and Me Began 2013; tripped up by ZTaylor; re-starting as of late 2016!
At Times Dull Began 2009
BookerManPries Began 2014
Jim Kane’s “Le Padre Ver Livre” Began 2009
My Education in the American Presidents Began 2014
One Through Forty-Two or Forty-Three Began 2009
Paul Schmitz Finished; link to article & list
Plodding Through the Presidents Began 2013
Portraits of our Presidents Began 2014
The Presidential Challenge Many reviewers, began 2010
The Presidents Project Began 2012
The Reagan Review Began 2015; a South Carolina pastor tackling the presidents!

Presidential Biography Series/Collections:

The American Presidents Series
American Political Biography Press
American Presidency Series

Focused on the Presidency / American history:

White House Historical Assoc. Biographical portraits of each president
Mike Purdy’s Presidential History General presidential history resource
Presidential History Network General presidential history resource
Practically Historical History resource with an emphasis on the presidency
Presidential History Geeks General presidential history resource
Presidential History General presidential history resource
Presidential History Blog Presidential history with an emphasis on First Ladies
First Ladies Library Blog First Ladies resource
The Importance of the Obvious Focused on Calvin Coolidge
Jacksonian America Focused on Andrew Jackson Focused on JFK and Trump presidencies
Exploring the Past Personal American history blog by an employee at the U.S. Grant National Historical site
Pursuing the Presidents Visiting a historical site for each president – in order
Nerd Trips Visiting historical sites (usually related to American history)
The History Tourist Visiting American historical sites
Student of the American Civil War Emphasis on Civil War history and scholarship

Resources on the Presidency:

Books of the U.S. Presidents Catalog of nearly every presidential biography ever written
The American Presidency Project Collection of presidential speeches, papers and documents
UVA Miller Center American President  Reference Resource on the presidency
Jensen’s American Political History Online  General political resources including the presidency
Presidents USA  Reference Resource on the presidency
US Presidency Links Reference Resource on the presidency
Presidents USA  Reference Resource on the presidency
Good Reads / Good Views Reference Resource on the presidency by

Washington Post Presidential Bios Lists:

January 2017 List February 2014 List
February 2016 List December 2012 List

Author Websites:

Jon Meacham A. Scott Berg Doris K. Goodwin
Robert Caro Joseph J. Ellis H.W. Brands
Ronald White, Jr. Michael Burlingame Candice Millard
Amity Shlaes Harlow Unger David O. Stewart
Joseph Wheelan John Ferling Peter Wallner
Howard Means Scott Miller Kevin Gutzman
Richard Brookhiser Glen Jeansonne

5 thoughts on “RELATED SITES”

  1. I finished A. Scott Berg’s “Wilson” a few weeks ago. I look forward to your review.

  2. I was looking at the web page of the White House Historical Association and came across their list of Presidents which links to a biography of each.

    I thought it might be worth listing. Let me know what you think.

  3. I know this is on the New Release List, but here’s a website from The Miller Center with additional resources:

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