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Morgan: American Financier

by Jean Strouse
816 pages
Random House
Published: March 1999

When published in 1999, Jean Strouse’s “Morgan: American Financier” was the first full-scale biography of J.P. Morgan in several decades. Strouse is also the author of “Alice James, A Biographywhich won the Bancroft Prize in American History and Diplomacy. She is currently writing a book about John Singer Sargent’s “Wertheimer portraits.”

The best early biographies of J.P. Morgan include Frederick Lewis Allen’s 1949 “The Great Pierpont Morgan” and the 1939 authorized biography “J. Pierpont Morgan, An Intimate Portrait” by Morgan’s son-in-law Herbert Satterlee. Strouse’s biography, however, benefits enormously from…

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