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Those of you who have taken some or all of this journey through the best presidential biographies with me know I thoroughly enjoyed reading both of Ronald C. White’s presidential biographies: A. Lincoln: A Biography (2009) and American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses S. Grant (2016).

So imagine my delight as I was re-re-reorganizing my home office today and discovered that he recently gave a webinar presentation as part of “History Happy Hour” hosted by the White House Historical Association. Fortunately it is available right here!

In a nutshell, White discusses the qualities Lincoln possessed which politicians of all eras (but notably today) should heed if not emulate.

One caveat: it’s is a bit lengthy…but who doesn’t have a little extra time these days?  YouTube connoisseurs will know how to speed the playback to meet their needs (I prefer 1.25x but I’m aware of a few impatient souls who only watch speeches at 1.5x or faster).

Although the entire video is 52 minutes in length, White’s segment begins at approximately 12:45. His prepared remarks take about 10 minutes while Q&A (which is undoubtedly the icing on this cake) consumes nearly half an hour.



The photo of Ronald White is courtesy of http://www.ronaldcwhite.com.